This is our basic product which includes recommendations for Gold, Silver, Base metals like Aluminum, Brass, copper, lead and Energy – crude oil, natural gas traded in MCX. This product best suits for the ones who intend to trade in a variety of sectors. As the prices are very sensitive of national and international news, events, issues, and policies; our team keeps itself fully updated and has an in-depth study of these affairs. Analysis and Synthesis of all these factors are meticulously done in order to come up with the best recommendations.

Product Highlights:

  1. 4 -5 intraday calls
  2. Calls will be given for Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, lead, crude oil, Natural gas etc. traded in MCX
  3. Calls will be given through SMS (all networks covered) and instant messenger
  4. Adequate and prompt telephonic support from our dedicated and skilled workforce
  5. Regular updates on Global and National market trends and news
  6. Daily NIFTY support and resistance levels and newsletter
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