This specially designed flagship product is for the HNIs who have high amount to invest. If you subscribe to this product you will get recommendations for lots that show big movements. When transactions are done in options, one has to be very watchful at every step, else there is always heavy risk involved and one can lose money. The best analysts of Pace Research team keep an eye on every movement of the stocks before recommending them. Hence, the possibility of any error or missing out on an opportunity is highly reduced.

Product Highlights:

  1. Daily 3 - 4 calls in NSE
  2. Personalized service
  3. Phone calls to honored clients for timely buying and exiting
  4. Close eye on the recommended Futures
  5. Calls will be for stocks with very good momentum
  6. Clients are exposed to least risk
  7. Calls will be given through SMS (all networks covered) and instant messenger
  8. Adequate and prompt telephonic support from our dedicated and skilled workforce
  9. Regular updates on Global and National market trends and news
  10. Daily NIFTY support and resistance levels and newsletter
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