This happens to be our premium product in which recommendations are of higher accuracy and hence, better returns are ensured. Shares are recommended to be bought at particular levels and then tips are generated for partial profit booking at various levels. This strategy minimizes risk and also generates a possibility of buying the stock at lower prices after it is partially sold at a higher price. Suppose we recommend 1000 shares to be purchased at Rs 150 then the next messages would be to sell 500 shares at Rs 155, 250 shares at 158 and the remaining to be sold at Rs 164. After selling 500 shares at 155, suppose the share falls to 147, it can be bought and then sold at 152. To achieve this, our research team keeps a close and continuous watch on the movement of stocks and ensures hefty profits to its subscribers.

Product Highlights:

  1. Daily 1 -2intraday calls or 18 - 20 intraday calls in a month in NSE
  2. Calls will be for stocks with good momentum
  3. Clients are exposed to lesser risk
  4. Calls will be given through SMS (all networks covered) and instant messenger
  5. Adequate and prompt telephonic support from our dedicated and skilled workforce
  6. Regular updates on Global and National market trends and news
  7. Daily NIFTY support and resistance levels and newsletter
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