This is our premium product with recommendations of higher accuracy and hence, higher returns are ensured. The team that makes recommendations is highly analytical, experienced and has a lot of exposure to the complexity of derivatives. If you want to want to make money in this category then you can certainly bank on us. The reason being that premium of derivatives tend to get diluted very fast if not kept sharp and close vigil.

Product Highlights:

  1. Daily 1 -2 intraday calls or 18 - 20 intraday calls in a month in NSE
  2. Calls will be for stocks and indices with good momentum
  3. Clients earn good returns at lesser risk
  4. Calls will be given through SMS (all networks covered) and instant messenger
  5. Adequate and prompt telephonic support from our dedicated and skilled workforce
  6. Regular updates on Global and National market trends and news
  7. Daily NIFTY support and resistance levels and newsletter
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